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    Well I hope that you enjoyed the cold weekend and got to watch a little of the Super Bowl. We even went to one of our favorite restaurants that has reopened, and really enjoyed sitting down for a meal and watching a football game. We had not done that all season and it was definitely fun for a change. We’re hoping to be able to do that more often. It’s great to see people’s faces again and hopefully we’re getting past some of this covid-19 fear. It was also interesting to see the thermometer in the negative numbers and we have a few problems with water lines but we’ll get that figured out. I hope that the cold didn’t cause you any problems and don’t forget that we have Congaplex and Herbal Throat Spray  if you notice a throat tickle or some sinus drainage.

     I have an interesting article to look at this week and it talks about our society being too clean and not keeping the immune system working as well. Our bodies have been living in this environment for thousands of years and needs the stimulation of dirt and microbes to keep the immune system sharp. We’re seeing that even vaccines have caused problems with this which is the story behind the huge increase in shingles cases in older adults. Mainstream medicine has been so busy chasing bugs that they forgot to focus on the body’s innate ability to heal itself and keep infection under control. Of course, if you have a deep cut or something that needs antibiotics, that’s the place for them. But to use them on every occasion of a little sore throat, that has caused lots of problems with allergies and gut issues. 

     February is Heart month for us and  you may wonder what the article included has to do with that. The point is that all these systems are related in the body and it’s foolish to try to work on one part but not consider the whole. We are running a heart sound recorder special this month to let people see how working with the heart can help the whole body. But this is only one part of the story and to obtain real health, we need to look at all the systems together. It’s a matter of looking at true health and well-being compared to chasing symptoms.

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