It’s August, Already?


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great week last week as we were on vacation at the Lake of the
Ozarks. It sure was hot there and we went through a lot of water and Cal-amo. It
is always nice to get away for a while but also nice to get back home too. We
had a lot of catching up to do, like mowing the grass and all the trimming and
the mail, etc. It looks like this week will be a little cooler but I hate to
leave the warm temperatures too soon. School starts soon and we are gearing up
to help the kids with handling the stresses of school and helping them learn.
Keeping our nervous system in good shape with great chiropractic care and
getting back on good diets from the summer fair food and all that business is
important as well. We even have special nutrition’s available to help with kids
thinking and handling their energy.

along with that, as we’ve changed to the month of August, our theme for health
shops has changed to Back to School. This week were talking about helping kids
learn in school better and some of this information I’ve talked about above.
Our society is so geared towards sugary and sweet foods for every little
celebration that we get into, like all summer long. It’s just important to
realize what the body actually needs good nutrition to help itself work
normally. Our bodies are meant to be healthy and think and act “normally”.  At Natural
Health, we just help patients to realize that there are simple ways to help their
kids with learning in school and being able to control themselves. We even help
autistic kids to detox and remove the barriers that help them to learn better.
The body is an amazing thing but it has to be fed correctly and the barriers to
healing must be removed. That’s what our Nutrition Response Testing technique
can tell us. We find the underlying causes as to why the body just doesn’t seem
to work as well as it should. The body can heal very quickly once these
barriers are removed.

right along with this, the article that have included looks at the use of
vitamin C in controlling tumor growth. This is just one vitamin that is looked
at in this article, but if you get everything else working correctly, like
using all the vitamins and minerals, getting digestion to work correctly,
getting the elimination system to work correctly, you can remove the cause of
why these problems are there in the first place. This is much more important
than trying to blast the tumor with chemicals or radiation. These treatments
may be necessary but you at one time or another, must look at the underlying
cause of why these problems are there. This is why our testing procedures are
so important for getting people to actually be healthy, not just treated. 

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark