It’s Hot Out There – Stay Hydrated!

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great weekend and are enjoying the heat. It seems to always get
hot around the beginning of school time and this year will be no exception. We
might as well enjoy the heat because in a few months, it will be different, and
then we will be complaining about the cold. Hard to believe right now
though-ha. Don’t forget to stay hydrated this week with the higher
temperatures. This includes drinking good quality water and don’t forget the
electrolytes, like sea salt or mineral salt or one of our favorite products
here at Natural Health Cal-Amo.

seems to be working out very well to have our live health shops at 6: 15 on
Monday nights and this month we’re talking about Back to School. This week we’re
talking about Health 101 for Kids, we will be talking about the things kids
need to be healthy and able to learn at school. We will gear it towards kids
but it works for adults too, not only with feeling good but being able to learn
and retain information. I hope that the teachers and school administrators
don’t forget about hydration for the kids too. I’m old enough to remember salt
tablet dispensers next to the water fountains in school. Of course, it was the
cheap white junk salt pills, but better than nothing.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at whatever future pandemics
their planning for us and to realize that if we can keep our immune system
strong, we don’t need to worry about the bugs. Nature has built in limits on
how things work but you must address the immune system and realize what it can
do. If our body’s immune system could not stop these bugs, we’d all be dead
from the plague or whatever other pandemic has swept through our societies over
the millennia. Mainstream medicine seems to be locked into working on the bug
side of the coin, with no intention of helping the innate immune system
intelligence of our bodies. I read articles where the chemicals in the
disinfectant hand soap the people have been using like crazy over the last few
years, can cause more cancer and health problems than the bugs ever could.
We’ll see that coming up in the next few years. At Natural Health, we work on
removing the barriers that people run into that can stop their body from
working correctly. These barriers can come from traumas, or shocks to the
system, or emotional incidents that put a barrier in the nervous system and the
body can’t heal itself. This is why many people have degenerative disease that
they control with medication, but of course are not addressing the underlying
cause of the problem. We hope to change the paradigm from that of disease
management in this country to actually working on and promoting real natural
health for all. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark