Keep It Simple

 Hello again! I hope everyone had some fun during the weekend. Last weekend I went to a seminar and learned more and more. It is always fun to learn new things but also to see what it is that I can let go. It seems that in this day and age that we are searching for so many things on what to do for whatever issue that we are trying to solve. However, when we take a step back we can see the best way to go about circumstances in our lives is to just keep it simple. 

The human brain is an amazing organ capable of vast amounts of functions. It helps to control and coordinate the many processes needed to sustain our health. When we let it do its thing we tend not to interfere with its natural functioning. However, when we start to overthink and overanalyze we start to make a sort of mess. When our minds become messy our brains become messy which creates issues in our body. 

Our brains are problem solving machines. Just like a computer which is able to perform many programs in order to solve the problem, our brains use what it knows to figure out a solution. This can be a double edged sword. Why? Because if the way we are trying to think about something is causing the problem then we can’t use that same way of thinking to solve the problem. However, this is what our minds try to do much of the time. It wants to know all the minor details and all the information it thinks it needs in order to solve the problem. Therefore, it will keep searching the same place where it has been searching thinking that the more it searches, the more equipped it will be to solve the issue. 

Have you ever tried to solve a problem in your life and the more you thought about it the more frustrated you became because you still couldn’t get the answer. Not until you started doing something else that was totally irrelevant to the situation at hand that it seemed the solution popped up out of nowhere? This happens with many people more than you would think. When we stop trying to use our minds to solve the issue then we stop the level of thinking that created it. 

Keeping it simple means that we do what we feel is needed at the time and let life fill in the rest of the details. Our minds sometimes want to solve everything all at once. However, just like we can’t eat our whole week’s food in one sitting, we can take whatever problems we have one at a time. Tip: when you find it hard to find a solution go do something else like taking a walk or having fun. Let’s keep it simple this week. 

Dr. Chip