Lessons Learned

 Greetings Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a great Independence Day weekend. Today I wanted to talk about the different ways people can view the world. Last weekend we were able to be with friends and family. Perhaps we were able to see some fireworks. As kids, watching fireworks gave us a sense of awe. When we grow older we can get caught up in thinking about the other things we have to do. However, when we are able to be more present in our lives we can appreciate life more. 

Many times, when we are not present, our minds may get stuck in past thoughts of what we could have done to make a situation better. When we can shift or switch our mindset even subtly it can help us to be more present in our lives. When we think of any past events or happenings that didn’t go the way we thought it would, we can think from trying to change it to learning all we can from it. There are many successful people that have said multiple times that their biggest failures were their greatest lessons. When we learn from the past, we have more wisdom to create a better future. 

Just like the past, our minds can get caught into always thinking about what it is that we should be doing in the future. However, we have said that when we can learn from our past then we can have a better outlook on life in the future. When a kid makes a mistake or fails to do what he or she wants to do they may get upset. However, when they stick to it they see that they needed that failure so that they could learn how not to do it. Like riding a bike, we all could not do it at first. We had to learn the basics and ease into it more and more. But there is a time we have to trust ourselves to make the leap to go all in and eventually know the feeling of riding a bike. We achieve that feeling of success and then bike riding is more fun. Many times we tend to forget the trials and tribulations we faced as kids but with patience and persistence we had the feeling that we could do it if we stuck to it. 

Being present may seem like the new “thing” these days. However, we technically are present all the time. It is what we presently set our minds on that determines how we think and feel about our life. As we start to have more focus on all the good in life we start appreciating what life has to offer. You may be in darker places at times but always remember that darkness can never consume the light and the darkness leaves as the light gets brighter.

Have a great day.  

Dr. Chip