Let’s Talk About Love and Your Liver

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

were still fighting the cold yet but the forecast looks better. I’m always glad
to get rid of any snow or ice we’ve had before we get any more and it looks
like this week, we should get rid of what’s left. I keep thinking about the
smell of fresh cut grass and hope that will be here soon, even just green grass
will look wonderful. Were getting patients coming in who have slipped on the
ice or have done too much snow scooping server using a lot of Cataplex ACP and
Boswellia complex. These two products help the body to heal and are in activity
anti-inflammatory but not by stopping inflammation but by helping the body to
heal up and to get over the inflammation. Most folks don’t realize inflammation
is important for healing but if you don’t have the correct building blocks for
the body to heal itself, inflammation, and pain, hangs around. We go through a
lot of these products as they are so helpful for healing and are not
medications designed to control symptoms with side effects, like stomach

month were talking about heart health and as I’m writing this, it’s Valentine’s
Day so happy Valentine’s Day. In our health shop this week, will be talking
about heart health and “Love” from a Natural Health perspective. This would be
a good time to remind folks that the body has the ability to heal itself from
almost any problem and for it to work correctly, must be given the right
building blocks and have a reduced stress load. The brain is also ever-changing
and needs good nutrition for it to work right-hence why people have problems
with relations and “Love”. It’s very hard to be patient with others and have
levels of emotions that are checked by reality, if all the systems of the body
are not working correctly in the person, and who is under a lot of stress for
whatever reason. People learn certain things from their environment but can
also unlearn these things as they understand, and reason for themselves, what
they really want in life and why.

article that I’m sending along today looks at the liver and how liver disease
is becoming more prominent. My joke is that the liver is important too, along
with the heart. Another good time to make the point that the whole body is
important and concentrating on one organ only doesn’t make sense. It’s
interesting to me that the studies are finding more problems with liver disease
but much of this has come about lately with the tyrannical lockdowns and all
the fear mongering from the mainstream media causing people to drink more
alcohol and eat more “junk” as comfort food. In this country, unfortunately,
many folks are not healthy anyway and all this stress has just made it much
worse. Hopefully, it will be over soon and when the dust settles, will be in a
much better position to avoid such events in the future.

Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to love yourself, and our Blessed Lord,

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