Medication VS Whole Food Supplements

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that you really enjoyed your weekend. These nice days won’t last forever but we
will enjoy them while they’re here. I wish we could’ve gotten a little more
rain in this area, and kind of green things back up again but that wasn’t the
case. Farmers are starting to work on harvest and putting a lot of dust into
the air. We need a good rain to wash it out and keep it on the ground but we’ll
see what happens. Don’t forget that we have lots of great nutritional products
to help with sinus and allergy symptoms, actually working on the cause which is
a liver issue.

theme goes right along with our health shop this week talking about idiopathic
therapies being the fourth leading cause of mortality in this country. This is
talking about the use, and of course overuse, of medication for symptoms that
can cause fatalities due to its potency and mishandling. We like to use our
whole food natural products to help the body with the toxic overload from the
environment which can end up causing watery eyes and runny nose and allergy
symptoms. If you can get the liver to detoxify the body and not be overloaded
itself, you can get rid of most if not all of the symptoms. The “allergies”
comes from a body that’s not working correctly and at Natural Health, we can
help our patients bodies get past these pesky allergies. Again, will be live on
Facebook and Instagram at 6:15 and then will post it eventually to
and YouTube. I hope that you get a chance to watch either the live presentation
or the recorded one, both should be interesting and enlightening.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the use of a B vitamin which
is known to help the natural killer cells of the immune system work better.
This goes right along with all we heard through the pandemic debacle about
treating the bug, the bug, the bug. At Natural Health, we are keyed into
knowing that the body has an immune system that you can strengthen and can
handle all those buggies out there. Especially after it was found out that
these bugs were not that virile anyway. They had people so frightened at the
beginning that many people took drastic measures that they may be regretting
now. I certainly hope that you take this into consideration as we come into the
winter season where colds and flu’s and other things become a problem. Again,
if you work on strengthening the immune system with B vitamins or whatever it
needs, you don’t have to worry about the bugs. The bugs are always out there we
have immune systems to handle them and has done so for thousands and thousands
of years. 

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Dr. Mark