More Powerful Than We Know

 Good day Natural Health! Imagine everyone is having a great start to the fall season. The temperature and weather is definitely changing, Midwest weather what a surprise haha. With that being said we want to help our body to adapt to anything in the environment. Today let’s dive into two perspectives that show us different ways of how the body stays healthy. 

One way to view health is from the means that there is something outside of us such as viruses, bugs, etc. that cause health issues to be expressed. We would be more familiar with the understanding of a cold or flu. There could also be other instances where we get some sort of infection due to our immune system being compromised. This would make us think that we are victims to the world around us. Now of course there are extremes. For example, drinking coffee is a reasonable activity that has a chemical in it called caffeine that our body wants to get rid of. In small amounts it can be beneficial for people’s health. However, in large amounts it can cause health issues that can be overwhelming for our bodies to handle. However, strychnine which is a poison can cause death even in small amounts. Or even when we have a large cut on our bodies that it is important to get it cleaned and covered. So there are times when our environment can have an overbearing effect on our health. Nonetheless, when our bodies are healthy they are able to adapt to our environment. Therefore, it is beneficial to look at things a little differently. 

Have you ever heard of people exposing themselves to extreme temperatures such as polar plunges to help with their immune system throughout the year? Or what about studies that show that when we overly clean and sanitize our environments that it actually has the adverse effect of bringing on sickness or other illnesses? When we look at it from a standpoint of stress overload to our own ability to adapt, then we are able to take on or handle the stressors in life. This is why some people can go the whole year without getting sick and others seem to get sick all the time. It is our adaptability that is able to give us better “defense” from the environmental stressors. Much like people who work out to lift heavier weights or people who train for marathons run shorter distances before the big race allows them to build up or increase their own adaptability to more stress. There are always two ways to look at everything and seeing how strong we really are can give us the ability to take on life as it comes. 

October is chiropractic month. Chiropractic is meant to help people align properly to express health and most importantly adapt to life. Life will have its difficult moments and we all have a choice. Even if life knocks us down 7 times we can choose to respond and get back up 8. You are stronger and more resilient than you may think.

Have a great rest of the week!

Dr. Chip