Nervous System and Chiropractic

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great weekend despite the wind. Hopefully it blew away all the
excess leaves in your yard and didn’t bring all the neighbors leaves into your
yard. These are the usual spring winds where the winter is battling with summer
and hopefully the summer temperatures win out. Last weekend’s 70° days spoiled
us in a hurry and hopefully they will be back soon. We’re starting to talk a
little bit about spring allergies here at the office, and we have some great
products to keep those under control. Just realize that many times allergies
are due to a toxic liver and a lymphatic system not draining correctly. We can
definitely help with that here at Natural Health.

health shop we are having this week looks at that connection between the brain
and the gut. It is a major connection in the body and one that mainstream
medicine doesn’t even look at. We pay a lot of attention to it here at the
office because gut health has a lot to do with immune system health as well as
brain function and emotional stability. I hope that you get a chance to watch
us live on Facebook and Instagram or catch the health shop later on YouTube or Should be some great information and hope you enjoy it.

article that I’m sending along looks at the importance of mitochondrial health
in the body, which really deals with the body’s ability to make energy and
repair itself correctly. That is also a big concern for us here at Natural
Health, as were trying to remove all barriers a person has to get the body to
repair itself and promote anti-aging activities. Our program, along with the
testing that we do, ensures that the body will be able to heal itself and
repair itself as long as we keep the barriers removed that people have picked
up over their lifetime, like heavy metal toxicity or food allergies. Getting
the nervous system to work correctly with Chiropractic care works very well
with our nutritional work and dietary guidance to again, give the body a chance
to repair itself. Continually adding more medication and covering up symptoms
is not the way towards health, but only makes matters worse long term.

                I hope
that you have a great week this week and don’t forget that Easter is coming
soon and please try to stay away from all the junk food that goes with this
holiday as well. 

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