New Life

Welcome back Natural Health Family! What a weekend to get some sun and enjoy some activities. This week’s talk is about pregnancy and infertility. Now like always, we want to give credit to where credit is due. The body has an amazing capacity to bring about health and new life. Just like anything else, when we support our body and when we are aligned life becomes easier. Let’s discuss how we can help ourselves and especially the women that have this wonderful ability to give new life. 

Have you ever been caught out in the middle of nowhere? That answer could be a yes or no depending on how adventurous you may be. Say, for instance though, you were in the middle of nowhere, you were not familiar with your surroundings, there could be predators around, but, you knew help was on the way. However, it would take a couple of days, how do you think your body would be? Would you be relaxed and just wait it out patiently, or would your survival instincts kick in so that you could make it through those days. I would bet it would be the survival mode. Now at these times, when in need of emergency or intense situations, this “survival mode” can be helpful. However, it does not serve us when we are in that state for long periods of time. We must shift to the other way that allows our bodies to heal, regulate, and function in a way that is in harmony. With all that being said, our bodies are amazing at what they do. Nonetheless we have to support it along the way. We sometimes have to bring ourselves back from the “survival mode,” to make our way back to the correct path, to not veer off too far from the route that keeps us on track to good health and proper functioning. 

In times like these, it can be easier to get distracted, to give our energy away to the endless happenings of the world. Life can seem so fast paced and chaotic at times. But we have the ability to reset, to come back from all of what’s happening in the world, to not just survive but to be alive again, and to bring forth new life. In a world with illness being common, let’s make healthy normal again. Have a great week!

-Dr. Chips