News Sources and Social Media


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Well we are definitely into Fall.
The tree leaves are turning colors and falling, as are the temperatures. Fall
is such a great season but the trouble is that ends in Winter-ha. This time of
the year also goes along with the mainstream medicine promoting flu shots. We’ve
already started seeing patients who have been around those who had flu shots
and the shedding of the virus gave them the flu. We have a great nutrition to
help the body get over it quickly called Cataplex A-C. It has vitamin A complex
and vitamin C complex in it with Echinacea. It works great and is easy to
digest and absorb.

            I normally send along an article
from Dr. Mercola. His supplements are not very good but his research articles
are great. He has been censored now on all the major social media outlets for
putting out facts about vaccines and the coronavirus and masks, etc. Somehow my
email was deleted from his list so I have not been getting his articles for a
while. I thought maybe it was a glitch on his end but checkered it out this
morning and my name was removed. I’m sure it was a type of hacking and I hope
this censorship stuff stops soon. Congress is taking notice and these tech
giant owners are being called to testify and hopefully they can put a stop to

            It’s important for you to know that
this is going on because when you look at different news sources and social
media outlets and don’t see anything on there about conservative views or
actual facts when it comes to health, it’s hard to make truly informed
decisions. Right now I’m watching a series called The Truth about Vaccines 2020
with Ty Bollinger and you can watch them to for free if you get on their
website and sign up. I just finished watching a documentary called Vaccines
Revealed and it is available on DVD. It’s always fun to watch conscientiousness
doctors and experts reveal the truth.

            It’s also important to realize that
we are responsible for own health and must be informed and actually take the
time to look for real news and views on health care. You can’t just rely on the
white coats anymore as they are controlled by big Pharma, as are the news
outlets. Money is the name of the game, and you must look at what it takes to
be healthy. That’s what we do here at Natural Health, give people the
information they need to be truly healthy! 

Patient Testimony: I was
fatigued, had “brain fog,” sluggish on a daily basis. I was not sleeping well,
I would fall asleep easily but wake up several times during the night and had
trouble returning to sleep. I also had GERD and other digestive problems.

I sleep
through the night however should I wake up, I can easily go back to sleep. I
have enough energy to get me through my busy days and I have better
concentration and no more “brain fog.” I no longer have constant heartburn and
rarely have gas or bloating. Overall, I have seen and felt a vast improvement
in 6 weeks. Some happened instantly. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark