Nutrition Response Testing and The Immune System

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     Another great weekend and it’s looking like fall more and more. The farmers are really going to town with Harvest now and when you step outside you can hear combines running and grain dryers humming, around our neighborhood at least. It’s so nice to have green grass and tree leaves yet this late in the year but I’m sure that will come to an end all too soon. We’ve been working with a lot of sinus issues and of course get great results with our supplements of nutritional products and homeopathic products. We will also start focusing on vitamin D as when the  days are shorter and people are outside less they start to get low on vitamin D and need supplementation. This is so important for immune system function as well as other aspects that we keep track of with our Nutrition Response Testing technique. Please tell others that there are other ways to be Healthy throughout the winter months rather than taking medications or getting a flu shot, which doesn’t work anyway. And don’t forget about our website with videos on there explaining what we do and we have videos on, Rumble, and YouTube on our health shops explaining how to be actually healthy.


The article I’m sending along looks at the decreased ability to get vitamin B1 in the diet. These deficiency problems have been going on for a long time and mainstream medicine has just covered up the symptoms of these problems with medication rather than looking at the underlying cause, which is the diet and need for supplements to offset all the stress that people are under. You can see this now with this virus business and how all the information from mainstream is about new drugs and new vaccines and blah blah blah. The human body was meant to do very well on good diets and good nutrition but many of the foods that we get ahold of now are not raised on good soil and that are  deficient. This is the reason that most everyone needs supplements of some kind to be healthy. Taking medication and adding more and more is not healthy, it is disease management. Anyone who is reading this probably has been into our office before,  so please tell others that we are here to help them be healthy and also help them know that there are alternatives to mainstream medicine and the approach of using drugs in surgery for everything. As an example, do you think you’re healthy if your blood pressure is under control with medication? This is not health but disease management.

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