October is National Chiropractic Month

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

great weekend and I hope you were able to get some of your winter prepping
chores done. The weather is so nice it’s hard to stay inside and do anything,
especially since we know what comes after this nice Fall weather. I was doing a
lot of mowing in the field and there sure are a lot of Fall flowers and pollen
out there. Many of our patients are noticing this too, and we have lots of good
products that help with getting the body to drain these pollens out once we
have breathed them in. There’s hardly any way to prevent it because it’s so
common outside, but just to realize there are good nutritional products
available to help the body to drain the lymphatics which stops any type of
allergic reaction.

                It’s a
new month, so were starting a new topic in our health shops. This month were
talking about Chiropractic and why it is so important to keep the nervous
system working correctly so the body can heal itself. This week we are talking
about the nervous system, which is of course, is our specialty in the
Chiropractic field. We do have patients that come into our office just for pain
relief, and that’s great, but I hope most folks realize that chiropractic can
help so much more, and should be utilized more, for helping the body to be able
to heal itself and prevent disease processes from starting. I try to get
adjusted weekly even though I don’t have pain, just wanting to keep my body
working as well as it can because I do abuse it a lot with working on the farm.
If you think about all the stresses and strains our bodies go through with
daily life, it’s no wonder that our spines get misaligned and we have nerve
impingement. Then wherever that nerve goes to, it does not carry the important
information that that area needs to be healthy.

all goes along with the article that I’m sending along which talks about a
California law making medical doctors stay with the narrative or they will lose
their license. I hope that this law will be challenged in the courts and struck
down, but it just exposes the problems in mainstream medicine and the control
that these doctors are under. I know that most doctors are trying to do the
best job that they can but if they are handcuffed by these laws and
regulations, many of them from the hospital administrators that they work
under, the patient does not always get the correct care that they need to be
actually healthy, but the care that the administrators know makes the hospital
more money. I think we’ll get a lot of that information coming out as this covid
thing as it starts to be explained. There is already lots of information out
there that exposes this type of corruption. The point I like to make is that at
Natural Health, we are striving to keep people healthy so that they can stay
out of that system, if at all possible. I’ve seen a few shows now and the
presenter was asking folks that are going to the hospital, to make sure and
have a plan written out or someone to go with them to make sure that they are
treated correctly. It was interesting that we are in the state that this needs
to be done. 

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