October is National Chiropractic Month

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great weekend and enjoyed the warm weather, you know that it’s
coming to an end. I saw a low of 38 coming up this week so Fall is in the air.
I really like the Fall weather but just don’t like what comes after it. Make
sure and stay tuned to our emails as we are developing some exciting specials
coming up around Thanksgiving and then during the month of December. We’re
going through quite a few changes here at Natural Health to improve our
operations and make things easier for patients to come and go with quality care
and great products to improve your health and those of your friends and family.
We will bring you this information on these weekly emails and will have notices
at the office. It should be fun!

forget that were having our health shops at 6:15 on Monday night and this month
is National Chiropractic month. We then put the recording on Brighteon.com and YouTube.
We will have quite a bit of information on how chiropractic works, not only is
it excellent for neck and back pain and structural issues, but it helps to
remove the blockages that keep the nervous system from being able to help the
body heal itself from whatever. When you combine great chiropractic care,
nutritional products, and dietary information, you have a very powerful way of
helping to get the body healthy and keep it that way so that it can repair
itself and replace itself. It’s amazing how many people lose weight here just
by eating healthy and knowing what that takes to do. Also, our weight loss
progress will be permanent because were helping to fix the problem that caused
it in the first place. I’m seeing so much news now about weight loss shots and
pills and they may actually work, but as soon as you stop them, the weight
comes right back on and the person is not healthy. Many are finding out the
side effects of these drugs. At Natural Health, we get to the underlying cause
of the problem and get that handled so the body can regain and maintain actual
true health.

goes right along with the article that I’m sending along that looks at Glycine
as an amino acid that helps reverse aging. The article goes into how that
happens and what foods it’s in, because we usually get plenty of protein in
America. The problem is that people have a hard time digesting it and getting
it into the body. So many people out there, that have digestive issues, because
they lack the correct stomach acid to digest proteins. This causes the acid
reflux and people are taking Tums or proton pump inhibitor, the purple pill, to
handle her symptoms but this stops the body’s ability to digest heavier foods
like proteins. The myth is that whatever you put in your mouth goes to where it
supposed to go, and this is hardly ever the case. We work with a lot of people
on their digestion because most everyone has problems with it. We have great
products here at Natural Health to aid digestion and to help with underlying
causes of why it’s a problem. We also do a lot of work with dietary consulting
to help patients find the best foods for them and the combinations that work
best for digestion. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark