Peace In The Violence

Hello again Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone had a good weekend and celebrated (or not) Memorial Day. As Memorial Day is remembering those who served and died, we can see life in a new way. Sometimes it is easy to get by day by day and get to the weekend. We can forget quickly how short life can be. To remember that life is worth living, just like those who fought to make others’ lives more enjoyable, we can make life more enjoyable by changing how we see it. 

Slow down. Take a breath. Let life go on for a moment without you. In today’s world, we see many rushing to get to the next point, buying the next best thing, getting lost in social media scrolling, etc. We can often get caught up trying to do all these things and not take a moment to appreciate what we have now and what is in front of us. Like a vacation, we can forget that the destination is great, but the moments leading up to and from it can be fun experiences. Like a sports game, all the hard work leading up to it makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Sometimes we can all be bogged down, feel overwhelmed, and think so much chaos or wrong is going on. This is not to dismiss things altogether but to lead to building up the good rather than being so critical of the bad. Just like those who lost their lives with the violence they went through as a means to bring peace, we can start being peaceful ourselves so that we don’t have to end up fighting all over again. Have a blessed week. 

– Dr. Chip