Plague and Corruption


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another great weekend-for
November-ha. Looks like we need to get used to colder and damper weather. You
may have forgotten from last year, but at Natural Health, we have many products
to use to strengthen the immune system and make sure that you’re ready for a
long cold spell called Winter. We’re going through a lot of 2 products right
now, one being Immuplex and the other being Viranon. These are both products to
help a body’s immune system with viruses. There are other products that we
carry to help the body with other bugs and we hope people start to understand
that these bugs will be around and have always been around, so it’s important
to keep your body’s immune system working at the best possible level you can.

            I’ve been reading the book entitled
Plague and then the 2nd one called Plague of Corruption. It shows
that people working in science have not kept good control of contaminants in
the lab and when these viruses get out, they can sure cause trouble. This is
been going on since 1934 with experiments on the polio vaccine. My point here
is that these experiments won’t stop and these viruses will get out and the
best way to combat this is having a strong immune system. Mainstream medicine
is starting to realize that fact but it will take them time. At Natural Health
we know how to get immune systems at peak and help patients keep it there, and
have been doing it for 38 years.

            The article that I’m sending along this
week looks at the possible long-term side effects of having Covid. It looks
like many people are able to get past the initial symptoms but their bodies may
not be able to clean up the battle damage and drain out the toxins and junk. We
know how to do that as well here at Natural Health. While mainstream medicine
is working on a vaccine, which may cause more problems than it cures,
alternative healthcare practitioners know how to work with a patient’s body to
keep it strong and vital. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to
take control of your health and prevent future problems. For those that are not
familiar with alternative healthcare, we offer free consultations to discuss
what we do and put folks at ease with understanding and truthful information.

Patient Testimony: My Story:

What It
Was Like Before I Came to See Dr. Mark

I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The words of
the MD were “there’s no one square inch of your colon not covered in ulcers.
You have thousands.”  Nothing was helping
me; any medication or diet. I was unable to digest food and was in a lot of pain.  My body temperature could not regulate and
people said I was gray in color.  I had
severe body sweats at night, even though I was in my mid-thirties.  The MD’s were talking of removing my colon
and I did not think I had a future.

How Is
it Now?

I fired the MD’s and came to Dr. Mark. He started me on a
nutritional regimen and a body specific diet. The first year was always touch
and go, but each week slight improvement was made. The second year was a lot of
improving and healing.  After two years,
I was healed!!  It has been approximately
15 years since the end of the treatment and I am still healed!!  That disease will never again own me!  I will never experience it again! YES, you
can be healed of ulcerative colitis!! 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark