Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Another great weekend and we finally
got some more rain. It’s definitely looking more and more like Fall and the
tree leaves are coming down faster. Still a lot of green leaves so Fall is just
getting started. It’s a great time of year as were getting rid of the high
heat, just as long as we don’t get into the cold too fast. A lot of people are
having problems with allergy symptoms due to all the Fall flower pollen and
farmers in the field. We use a lot of our Albizia Complex product as it helps
the liver to drain faster and remove the cause of these symptoms. Just let us
know if we can help, that’s why were here at Natural Health.

            I’ve included an article today
talking about the lack of liability of the companies who are producing these
vaccines that will be released soon. If you get a chance to watch the movie
1986 The Act, it’s very enlightening and you will see some of the problems with
this lack of liability issue. You can find it at and can be
downloaded to view. It’s definitely worth a few bucks to get this much
information. Most Americans have been hoodwinked into believing that there are
no problems with vaccines and that they are very effective. Unfortunately, the
opposite is true. If a person looks at the vaccine schedule, they will see all
the boosters in there and that is because the body does not respond to vaccines
as it does to the actual infection in the environment. Also these vaccines
manufacturers assume that people’s immune systems are working correctly. This
also is not the case and many children are damaged. The biggest problem with
this COVID vaccine is that they have no long-term research to show efficacy or
safety. Even if you want to take the vaccine, I would try to wait a while and
see how some of the early folks, that are vaccinated, turn out. I’m hoping and
praying that this vaccine is not mandatory because there will be many injured

            Our goal at Natural Health is to
keep people healthy and not need artificial means of stimulating their immune
system. If a person already has co-morbidities, then wouldn’t it make sense
that their immune systems are not working very well already? Injecting toxic
chemicals in an already compromised body is not wise. 

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Patient Testimony: Noticed my left wrist becoming stiff, then my right. Both
wrist are stiff and painful. Could not flex or twist. Major difficulty getting
dressed. Had to rub both wrist all the time for relief. Especially push and
pull with use caused pain.

Now I am able to use as before this started, back to
normal.  – MKW

Get Healthy, Stay
Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark