Quick Cleanse Program

Quick Cleanse Program
            At Natural Health, all of our
nutrition patients are on a detox program that’s meant to work slowly over a
longer timeframe to keep from having any unwanted symptoms or side effects that
are uncomfortable for the patient. This is important for those who work all day
and have plenty of other stresses in their lives and need no more. Normally if
the patient is doing the normal diet recommendations we give, ie – a salad a
day and as much vegetables as they can get, and not eating refined carbs, they
will detox completely and easily. This hand out is for those folks that have
“fallen off the wagon” for some reason, perhaps a bad weekend or a vacation, or
just feeling blah, and want to clean the tube out and restart our dietary
recommendations more closely.
            Standard Process has a 21 day
program called the Purification Program that works fine for those patients that
are not doing one of our programs already, but seems to be a little too
aggressive for those who are. Trying to make this fit for our patients, one of
my sons has been a guinea pig and we have a good solution – just doing the
first weeks’ worth of the program without changing anything else. We should
test any patient that wants to do this program to make sure the body is good with
the additional supplements. Then it’s just dive in and clean up.
            The program calls for 7 SP Cleanse
capsules three times a day, 2 tablespoons of SP Complete or SP Complete Dairy
Free per shake (vegetable and/or fruit smoothie) two times per day, and 3
capsules of Gastro-fiber three times per day or 1 tablespoon of Whole Food Fiber in the shakes two times per
day. We can test exacting amounts for each individual patient but this is the
average amount that the program calls for. This program is easy to do and could
be done any time that was needed.
            If you have any questions or want to
try this program out, just let us know. 
Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, Live Well –
Dr. Mark

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