Ready For Labor Day Weekend?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

great weekend and some more rain. We’ve got to keep the grass growing. I was
noticing driving in to town yesterday, that it sure looks nice when everything
is green, rather than the brown grass and things from the dry weather. It looks
like we’re going to have a great week coming up and a great weekend for Labor
Day. Hopefully everyone can enjoy Labor Day weekend and not have to help the
kids with too much homework already.

forget about our live Health Shops at 6:15 on Monday evenings. We do those live
on Facebook and Instagram and then eventually will post the videos to and YouTube. This month were talking about Back-To-School topics and
this week, were talking about Children’s Foods and Moods. I will especially be
talking about the connection between the brain and the gut. The connection is
very profound and important when you’re thinking about what the kids are
eating, especially before going to school or even during school. You can’t
expect kids to sit still and learn very well when they are eating all kind of
highly processed carb foods. It’s important to realize that breakfast, meaning
break of the overnight fast, dictates the need for proteins in the morning to
replace the proteins the body used overnight to fix itself from the previous day’s
work, or in the case of kids, have the building blocks the body needs to grow.
Highly processed sugary cereals are not what the body needs to work correctly.
The refined carbs give the body more energy than it can handle and you will
have kids that can’t sit still during school time. It’s unfortunate that you
won’t hear much of this from mainstream medicine but there are too many cereal
advertisers for them to deal with.

               We work on a lot of appetite and overeating with
our Nutrition Response Testing technique and find what the body needs to not be
hungry all the time and help instruct our patients on what type of foods the
body needs to repair itself without adding extra fat to the body. Don’t confuse
this with the good fats that we need in our diet because they contain the oil
soluble vitamins-A, D, E, and K. The fats that you put on the body normally
come from carbohydrates, and especially the refined carbohydrates with a high
glycemic value that causes the body to release lots of insulin and that causes
the body to put the carbs into storage, or make fat. Again, something you may
not hear much from mainstream medicine but they can make a lot more money on
people who are obese and unhealthy. I’m hoping all of my readers here, are
looking at the need to be healthy rather than support that industry. Were also
getting more signals of an upcoming “Covid” plan-demic, again, and health
becomes even more important. It seems that mainstream medicine and the public
health people didn’t learn anything from the last debacle. Don’t forget that
were here at Natural Health to help patients strengthen their immune systems
and not need to worry about the “bugs”. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

Dr. Mark