Ready For Thanksgiving?


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend. We are having some nice fall days in here but
the trend is colder, so I guess that means winter might be coming. I’ve seen
several brown woolly worms out there so I’m hoping that means the winter will
be mild-ha. We’ve been talking all this month about keeping your immune system
in good shape no matter what the weather is outside, this especially goes for
winter as we start losing our stores of vitamin D and need to be aware of
keeping the immune system in good shape so no one ends up with flu and colds in
January and February.

I’m thinking about it-I hope that you all have a very happy Thanksgiving and
are able to get together with your relatives and friends and not be fearful of
bugs flying around-ha. Stick with eating the good foods and stay away from a
lot of the sugary foods, again the sugar being hard on the immune system and
allowing for the bugs to get in there.

article that I’m including today talks about the global organizations that are
saying they want to stop hate speech but are just basically censoring those
that they don’t like. These people are pushing a narrative on many levels and
they don’t want anyone thinking logically or freely about what’s actually going
on. At Natural Health, our goal is to find out the truthful information that
keeps our patients healthy and not just what the insurance companies or some
government agency will pay for. As we are seeing with the medical
establishment, they are controlling the narrative from above down and then
paying hospital administrators to do it their way and not really looking at the
true science of what’s going on with not only this covid issue, but other
health parameters in general. We definitely need a major overall of the
healthcare system in this country so as to look at true health as per the
patient’s needs and not sales and management for profit. I realize you have to
pay the bills but many of these hospitals have built building after building
and it’s definitely gotten out of control. At Natural Health, we found that if
we can keep people healthy, they don’t need to worry about insurance and payments
and all that profit motive thing going on in the mainstream. 

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