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Email Blast 3.11.19

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Did you enjoy your weekend? It’s starting to act more like spring and the sun is regaining its power. I hope that you didn’t miss the change to daylight savings time. It sure snuck up on us quick this year. I’ve been talking to folks that are having a hard time getting rid of colds that they’ve had over the Winter. We don’t want this developing into allergies and pneumonia symptoms so if you know someone like this, tell them to come in and we will get their immune system built up so that they are ready for Spring and Summer. After the long Winter we’ve had, we all want to be able to enjoy the coming warm weather.

            Our theme for March is on allergies and hayfever. Since the Winter is dragging on, we haven’t quite got there yet but a good article that I found sets us up for allergy problems, is called Fatty Liver Disease is Triggered by Choline Deficiency. Please be aware that when you notice that your sinuses are full and draining and your sneezing-allergy symptoms, this is a good indicator that your liver is toxic and overloaded. We want to get the body detoxed and working correctly so that it can handle the dusts and pollens that are out there. All our nutritional patients work on detox all the time, as we must to handle our environment. This article talks about one way to get the liver to drain and burn fat that clogs up the works.

            The bonus article this week goes along with the article above. It is called Weight Watchers Profits Plummet as More People Embrace the Ketogenic Diet. Again, the idea of reducing carbohydrates and increasing fat is to get the body into a state of using that for fuel rather than refined carbohydrates. This is the type of diet that we work on for all our patients and were finding that it works very well. We are even looking into a type of diet that is very restrictive on carbohydrates-the Carnivore diet. Folks must realize though that it’s hard on the body to go from a standard American diet of refined carbohydrates and junk to a very restrictive diet. The body needs time to change and the inclusion of necessary nutritional supplements to help with liver detoxification and helping the body to be able to digest heavier foods are very important.

 We have helped patients lose thousands of pounds without even trying and getting the body healthy helps people reduce weight easily. We can help you and yours or anyone that you talk to about health problems.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well.

-Dr. Mark

Next Health Education Workshop – Tuesday, March 19 at 5:00 pm – Why Do We Have Spring Allergies

Patient Testimony:

What was it like before I came to see Dr. Mark

I was tired all the time, couldn’t sleep well. I was bloated. My joints hurt. My sinus was a big problem.

How is it now

I have more energy and I sleep great at night. I am no longer bloated. My sinus are greatly improved. (M.M.)


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