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Email Blast 11.12.18

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

Another interesting weekend, we had all kinds of weather. Those who like snow got some and those who like sunshine got some and it looks like were slipping into winter already. What happened to Fall? Anyway, be careful out there raking the leaves and all those getting ready for winter chores. Don’t forget that we are here to help you if you overdo or if you feel your immune system is not up to par. We’re already helping patients with colds and want to keep you healthy through all the holiday seasons coming up.

The 1st article this week is a video on EMF pollution. EMF pollution is our theme for this month so will try to look at that and how it affects you. This video is a compilation video and the 2nd half is a very good discussion on EMF and RF pollution. Here is the link www.brighteon.com/5855826734001 .

The 2nd article this week is on The Science of Sleep Deprivation. Getting good sleep is very important as that is when the body heals itself. Eating the proper foods, the day before helps the body to have the right building materials it needs for that repair. This is an important time to think about EMF pollution also in that many people have their cell phones in the bedroom along with the alarm clocks, TVs, etc. that are emitting EMF pollution. We tell our patients to put those things in a different room so that you’re not exposed to the EMF pollution all night.

The 3rd article is called Alkaline Water or Hydrogen Water-Which One Is Better for You? It’s a very good article and explains why messing with the pH of your body with alkaline water can cause a lot of problems. Don’t get sucked into using alkaline water by people marketing the machines to do this with. I personally know of a person who overdid it on alkaline water, thinking if some is good more is better-wrong, and had a stroke due to it. We have found that if patients drink good spring water and use sea salt or mineral salt during the day, the body takes care of the pH all by itself. The pH of the body is something that folks should not try to force, the body knows how to take care of that itself. Feeding the body good food and the appropriate nutritional supplements that it needs, helps the body to be healthy and strong without trying to force anything, that means no side effects. Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well.

Dr. Mark

Health Education Workshop: Tuesday, November 20 at 5:00 pm – Feeling Anxious or Depressed?

Patient Testimony: Before coming to Dr. Mark, I felt tired and stressed out all the time. I was short with my family and felt exhausted just thinking about the next day. Getting out of bed was so hard I wanted to lay around and not deal with anything. I couldn’t keep myself focused on one thing. I was dealing with headaches and sinus issues 3-4 days a week.

Now I am feeling more energized. My patience is better. I’m still tired, but now it’s because I have better energy to go do things with my kids. I can multi-task without being so overwhelmed and headaches are rare. My skin and overall physical condition is much better. I have also needed less adjustments. I just feel stronger!

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