Sea Salt and Dehydration

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great weekend! Do you remember back in January or February how cold it was, and
we were wanting all that hot weather to come back? Well, it’s here-ha. I know
that I sweat through three shirts on Saturday. I’m really trying to watch my
hydration levels, getting a lot of good quality water and using sea salt and
our Cal-Amo product. It’s so easy to get dehydrated and being dehydrated causes
lots of problems. Sometimes we don’t really feel thirsty when were are really
busy outside but we need to actually stop and drink water, like on purpose. If
you’re feeling weak and tired or if you’re having leg cramps or muscle spasms,
these are early signs of being dehydrated and the need of salt. Another
indicator is the color of your urine, in that it’s meant to look lemonade color
but if it’s really dark yellow, you’re getting dehydrated.

                This is
our last health shop this month with the theme of Summer Fun. This week, we are
talking about the importance of salt and how confusing mainstream medicine has
made this topic. It’s another one of those very simple things that people have
been brainwashed into believing that salt is “bad” and nothing could be further
from the truth. Everything in moderation of course and the right form of salt
is very important. All the processed and junk foods use refined salt which
leaves you with just sodium chloride and not all the minerals that help the
body to use it correctly. It’s a very simple thing but has been confused over
the last half-century.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at why butter and coconut oil
are good for you. Now if you just put your common-sense hat on and realize that
we have been eating these oils for millennia, it’s only in the last
half-century have we been told that saturated fat is bad for us. This is
because of a mistake, or a narrative, in mainstream medicine that doesn’t take
into consideration all the sugars that people eat and that that trend has grown
over the decades. Our bodies need good oils and fats because that is where the
oil soluble vitamins come from. These include vitamin A, D, E, and K. A good
example of people not getting enough of these oils has been seen in this latest
plandemic where those low in vitamin D have a weakened immune system. Taking a
jab does not improve the strength of the immune system if there is no nutrition
there for it to work with. It’s like whipping a tired horse, there’s only so
much the body can do without proper nutrition and the ability to digest good
foods that contain it. This is what we do at Natural Health, find underlying
causes of why people have health issues, fix their diet, get them on the food
supplements they need, and help them to understand what it takes to be healthy. 

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