Seasonal Allergies

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend. The interesting thing with early spring is that
the weather is changing this way and that way. We’re getting plenty of wind
this year to blow away the leaves from last fall. It sure is nice to see the
trees budding out and the grass greening up, a very optimistic time of year. We’re
already seeing some patients with allergy symptoms and we have great products
for that. One of our products called Allergco, seems to be very helpful with
these issues. It’s important for patients to understand that allergy symptoms are
not a problem of the sinuses but an overload of the liver. We do a lot of work
on liver issues and lymphatic drainage here at Natural Health.

                As we
start another month, our theme has changed into talking about spring allergies.
We did not have our health shop this week as we had a death in the family and
the funeral was that day. We will be talking more about spring allergies during
the month and of course our health shops or on Monday evenings at 6 o’clock on
Facebook and Instagram, and then posted later on YouTube and As
soon as you can, it’s great to get outside and absorb the sunshine that helps
to make the vitamin D active in your body. Again, if you’re noticing allergy
symptoms, realize that this is a liver issue and there are ways to detox the
liver. Eating correctly is a good start and digestion of those good foods
becomes more important. These are things we monitor here at Natural Health, to
get the body to work correctly and absorb the good nutrients from the foods we

                The article
I’m sending along goes with this theme of just eating good foods in your diet.
It definitely helps with your body’s ability to heal itself and work correctly.
The article explains how broccoli helps with fending off tumors and other
things, again which is a function of the immune system. This covid thing should
have awaken people to the fact that your immune system is so important to
safeguard and keep on high alert but, if working correctly, it has the ability
to control itself so that we don’t have autoimmune issues. All the bodies
systems work together and if correctly, are in harmony. If they get out of
balance and cause symptoms, then you can be diagnosed with an insurance
diagnosis and treated with drugs in the mainstream. Our purpose at Natural
Health is to prevent all this detrimental health activities and keep your body
healthy and active throughout your lifetime. This way you can enjoy life and
not think that the golden years are Not golden. Everyone complains about
getting older but you may know people who are older but have no health issues.
Have you ever thought why that is? It’s not the age that matters but the
mileage and lack of healthy lifestyle choices that allows people to have
insurance diagnoses. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark