Seeing With A New Lens

 Welcome back Natural Health Family. We had some technical issues last week so didn’t get the last post out. Sometimes life doesn’t always go the way we think it does. This may make us react in certain ways. However, let’s have a discussion about life events and explore this topic some more. 

When is the last time something didn’t quite work out the way you thought it would? You may have actually planned an event but the weather was not so welcoming. Maybe you were on a vacation where things didn’t line up the way you thought. Or your day was going well until it wasn’t with whatever the circumstance may be. Life can throw some curveballs here and there. I think we all can relate that there are highs and lows in the course of a lifetime. Nonetheless, if we look back we can see that sometimes what we thought was something that didn’t go right actually led us to something better. 

When we are able to see things differently the things we see change. Many times people get caught up thinking about why this or that happened. They might think that they know the cause or feel like it’s not going their way. When an event happens we must see it for what it is. If instead of reacting to the environment we are able to respond then we won’t be swayed back and forth so much depending on what’s going on around us. When we are able to change the way we see or interpret something we can move forward with greater ease. 

We all have a choice to see things, events, and others in a different light. We may have heard that when things seem to be falling apart, really they are falling into place. When we don’t understand fully what is going on it takes faith to be able to let life unfold and when we can make the changes needed. Let’s not come to conclusions so fast but rather leave space for something new to develop.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Chip