Good day Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone is still hanging in there with everything happening. Today I wanted to give some motivation and to put some things into perspective so you know that you are not alone in all of this. Today’s blog is about striving forward and not giving up. 

The world may appear to be a bit chaotic right now. There seems to be so much going on that we don’t know what is going to be the next step in this process. We see the world and we tend to notice all “wrong” that is happening. However, let me explain that this is natural for us to do. You see, as we have come from different generations over the past millennia, we have been conditioned to be in a survival mindset. This was important because we needed to protect ourselves from threat outside of us. So when things appear in our lives that seem out of sorts or not familiar, we may find the small details that are out of place. We continually do this all the time even without us realizing. This is because it is an unconscious behavior we have inherited from our ancestors. As a result, when faced with a situation or scenario that is not familiar to us or scares us such as all that is happening now, we become filled with emotion such as fear, anger, frustration, greed, etc.  This creates a world or nations of fearful citizens. And as the saying goes, the easiest way to control people is to keep them confused and afraid. It’s time to make a change. 

Many people are facing different situations in their lives now such as those with business, relationships, health, etc. We all get that feeling of not being able to do this or that or seeing darkness ahead of us. However, when we realize that for a shadow to exist the sun must be shining, then we can change our focus and turn towards the light. Throughout our lives we always face obstacles and challenges that seem to always work out in the grand scheme of things. When we get caught up too much in the past or future, then our energy becomes scattered and we become depressed and anxious. Our minds are very powerful, but if we allow them to be influenced largely by things outside of us, then we give our energy and power away. This causes our health to decline and be less adaptable to withstand other issues we face. 

It is easy to allow ourselves to feel fear, anger, worried, jealous, etc. That is the path of least resistance and it is up to us to not react. I want to be clear that it is ok to feel those emotions, we are human. However, when we allow the situation to keep us feeling those emotions and use those negative emotions toward someone else, then we cause further problems to others and ourselves. It is up to us to be strong in the face of chaos and not to give up on the dreams we have and the people in our lives that need us. When we understand that we are all connected somehow and in some way then we will come to realize just how powerful we are and how much a helping hand can do for others. I hope this message reaches you well and inspires something within you to not give up wherever you are in life. 

– Dr. Chip