Spring Allergies

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

     What a great weekend! It sure is nice to have warmer weather back and we’re starting to see those lawn mowers work. It’s hard to beat the smell of fresh-cut grass on a sunny day. I hope you were able to get out in the sun and activate some vitamin D. We always recommend getting good sunshine and tanning as much as possible but not getting burnt. Use coconut oil on your skin to help keep it from drying and burning from the sun exposure but realize that  sunshine on your skin activates vitamin D and will help you get rid of cold symptoms left over from the winter, and many other benefits. Vitamin D is in all good fats and oils and your body can convert them into an active form with sunshine. That’s why it’s important to eat good oils and fats in the diet and have a healthy liver that can digest and absorb them. It’s not only about what goes in your mouth but how the body utilizes the nutrition. We do a lot of work with that here at Natural Health and we’ve gotten  many people off of the purple pill.

     It’s  the beginning of a new month and that changes our theme to Allergies and Sun health for April. The health shop for Monday night will be talking about allergies in the environment and with foods so if you can, give a listen. The article that I’ve enclosed looks at the use of hydrogen peroxide in battling Covid and the reason that I’ve included it is that there are so many good things you can do to help yourself be healthy without injecting yourself with an experimental gene therapy. We know that the alternative treatments, like hydrogen peroxide, don’t make much money for big business but there is very little risk associated as compared to the experimental gene therapy they are trying to get everyone to take. At National Health, we’re all about using common sense in healthcare and using what works to help the body be healthy without risk. That’s why we use whole food supplements as there are no toxic effects like over use of  synthetic vitamin A or D. It’s amazing that the body needs important vitamins but if you take them out of food context and concentrate them in a synthetic form, they can become toxic. We don’t need more environmental toxins in our lives and we’ll be talking more about that in our health shops throughout the month. Have a great day and stay positive!

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