Spring Forward

 Hello Natural Health Family. The weekend was filled with some great sunshine and I bet we are all looking forward to the Spring season. With Spring comes times for changes and new life to come forth. With the changing colors of the grass, the leaves, and so on we start to see a more liveliness around us. I was able to celebrate a nephew’s 6 year old birthday at the gymnastics center and it made me realize how much fun the kids can really have. Today let’s discuss how appreciation can help us move through life with more ease and the health benefits that it can bring. 

 Do you remember when you were a small child? What about whenever you did something for the first time? It was a new experience that you got to have for the first time. Maybe it was the time when you were learning how to ride a bike. I bet you saw other kids riding or perhaps your siblings and wanted to do the same. It was a new experience that you were so intrigued in that you didn’t have any other care in the world. Although you probably had to have the training wheels at the beginning, once you got more comfortable you wanted to take them off. You wanted to have some more fun so you knew you had to take the training wheels off even though it came with more risk. You had to learn how to balance yourself on the bike and also how to brake when going too fast. So the first couple of times didn’t go as well and maybe took a couple spills. But even though it hurt a bit, you dusted yourself off and rode again. You knew at some point that you would feel familiar with it to a point where the fear of riding would start to diminish and the joy of riding would be the natural state. Then eventually, instead of being so focused on the way you were riding the bike and learning the process, you now could ride and look out in front of your surroundings enjoying seeing everything. 

When we grow older we start to have more responsibilities. This doesn’t have to be such a stressful thing but learning how to balance them can be rewarding. Just like riding a bike if we stumble at first then keep riding knowing you can enjoy the experience. Some of what we go through in life may be the last time we do it, and you never know when that last will be. So whatever it is that you go through you can always find time to appreciate what you have and where you are. Appreciation can help us to slow down, see things in a new light, and help us realize important lessons.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip