Spring Has Sprung


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

the weather is getting nicer and nicer and it looks like were past the deep
freeze part of winter. This time of year, is great in that the temperatures are
getting warmer, the grass is starting to green up, but we don’t have a lot of
the chores yet and can just enjoy the warmth. Soon, we will be into mowing
grass and swatting flies, but that’s all part of the beauty of life in the
Midwest. I’d much rather have it green and luscious then Brown and Sandy so I
think I’ll stay-ha.

                We had
a great 40th anniversary week last week and enjoyed all the
festivities. Thanks for all the “Congratulations” that I received from patients
last week. Time sure seemed to sneak by and I must’ve had a lot of fun because
it went by quickly. There’s a lot of memories in those 40 years and most of
them are good. As part of our ongoing strategy to be a part of the community
and help it grow and strengthen, we plan to start helping with “drives” for
food, or clothing, or whatever people need in this area. We will be sending out
more information on this soon so stay tuned.

                In the
month of March, we are talking about Diet and this week at our health shop we will
be talking about how Chiropractic and the Nervous System affects digestion.
Since most people don’t know much about their nervous system, they don’t
understand how important that system is to help with digestion and we will try
to explain that more at our health shop. It will be live Monday night at 6
o’clock on Facebook and Instagram and then we will post it to Brighteon.com and
YouTube eventually.

article that I’m sending along looks at the need to get off the couch and get
outside and walk, or get some type of physical activity. The medical people are
blaming different disease processes on obesity, but obesity is just a symptom
of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. I don’t look at it as a cause of
anything but just a symptom on top of symptoms that relate to more symptoms. At
Natural Health, we work on the underlying cause of patient’s problems and don’t
cover it up with medication or psychological excuses. It’s important to take
control of your health and realize you are responsible for it, not other people
or those in white coats. With our Nutrition Response Testing technique and the Chiropractic
services we render, we can help the body to repair itself and then the body’s
owner can keep it healthy by treating it correctly. We have many handouts that
slowly educate our patients into what it takes to be healthy, and help them
unlearn many of the medical myths that have been trained into us for decades. 

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark