Stay Calm

 Hello again Natural Health Family. It’s another week and it appears that things are not slowing down anytime soon. That is why it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can adapt to the outside influences of the world. Let’s talk about how we can help our own health by not giving away our own energy and resources to what is happening all around us. 

When you watch the news on tv or any other electronic device do you tend to think about it all day. Do you frequently think of all the wrong or issues that need to be solved. Does it seem that you tend to think over and over again what you could do about it or what somebody else should do about it? When you converse or talk with other people throughout the day, do you bring up the problems the world faces today which further aggravates you and the ones around you?  This takes a lot of energy out of you which you could be using for other things like your health and immune system. 

What if we traveled back in time? Let’s say we went back all the way to the stone age when we had to hunt and chase our food but also survive from other predators. What would we do? When chased by a tiger would run to get away but also full of adrenaline and stress from the run. We might start to think about what we would have done differently or what if the tiger actually got a hold of us. Then we would be ever on the alert of where there might be another tiger lurking around. As we got back to the tribe then we would start to tell everyone what happened and how we felt about it. We might feel angry or fearful of what might happen due to what we have experienced or witnessed earlier. 

Do the two situations above sound familiar? This is because of an adaptive process that we used to survive extreme conditions back in the past. Our brains still have that adaptive process now. This helps keep us alive at the time. However, it is only adaptive as a short term process. If we make it chronic or long lasting due to our constant thinking about it we start to make it ill adaptive causing us to give away our energy which further brings illness to our bodies. Situations like watching news or getting chased by a tiger can seem very similar to our brain and body. Imagine if you were constantly getting chased by a tiger. You would eventually exhaust your body enough to illness or worse.

It is good to be aware of what is happening in our world today. However, when we read or watch various news from the media and other sources and keep giving away energy that sustains our health we could cause ourselves problems. This week be aware of how much energy you give away and see how much better you feel at the end of the week. You may be surprised.

Dr. Chip