Stay Healthy This Winter


Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            Well the North wind is letting us
know that Winter is on the way but we still have some Fall left. The pretty
colors in the trees are mostly gone but we have some good weather to look
forward to this week. Get outside as much as you can to absorb the good
sunshine and fresh air before the snow flies. Hopefully that’s a ways off yet.
I always look at this time of year as being dangerous for health because were
headed into all the holidays, which gives people excuses to eat bad stuff. We
don’t need to weaken our new systems now, not only for the Covid business, but
for flu and colds and all those winter maladies. We have lots of great
nutritional support for the immune system and are here to help keep you and
yours healthy all winter.

            I’m sending along a great article on
vegetable oils and why they’re so bad for the body. There’s been lots of
research on refined sugar and why that is so hard on the body but were finding
that these vegetable oils are just as bad and were brought into our diets about
the same time as refined sugar and white flour. These dietary food sources came
right along with the increases in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
as we look into history. At Natural Health, our concern is getting our patients
healthy and keeping them healthy despite all the social pressure of eating
foods that are unhealthy and social trends of holiday foods. We are even
developing recipes for baked goods that are actually mostly healthy and still
tastes good. We’re working on having a cook book ready for December to help out
with these holiday meals. So the 2 big pitfalls in diet are refined sugars and
vegetable oils. If you can keep away from those, you’ll do much better.

            This time of year also lends people
towards increased stress with the holidays and this is before the Covid
business and the election business etc. In our nutritional work we are helping
patients with their adrenal glands which are responsible for getting the body
through stressful times. If you’re feeling anxious and depressed or just tired,
we can help so don’t fret. 


– was on Singular, and other meds, daily inhaler and rescue inhaler

– was on Premarin – hot flashes frequently

Pressure – on 2 different meds

having considerable hair loss


off all meds and have had no symptoms in years

Premarin and hot flashes are gone

pressure meds – now on lowest possible doses, I go to my Dr.  next week for physical and am asking her to
take me off 1 since my blood pressure has been running about 103/65 in middle
of day.

I have not been sick or missed a
day of work since coming to Natural Health. -PL

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark