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Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you enjoyed your weekend. It was a mixed bag of cold and warm and wind and
rain and it just seems like it can’t make up its mind which way to go. But that
is early spring in the Midwest and eventually we will be complaining that it’s
too hot. We’re trying to get all the work done in our house that we can before
the good weather gets here so we can go outside and work in the yard. It’s nice
to see the grass grinning up but we’ve got a lot of weeds to take care of-ha. I
hope that you can get outside soon and soak up the sunshine and activate that
good vitamin D to help you be healthy.

of good sunshine, Sun Health is the topic of our health shop this week. Most
folks don’t realize that sunshine helps to activate vitamin D so that it works
in the body to promote health. All we’ve heard from mainstream medicine is that
you must stay out of the sun because of skin cancer. Well baloney! Human beings
have been out of the sunshine for millennia and it’s only been lately we’ve had
problems with skin cancer because of the lack of good nutrition in the body and
the immune system’s inability to take care of cell growth that goes awry. We’re
not saying that you should go out and get a sunburn, but some sun exposure is
very good for the body if done correctly.

article I’m sending along looks at the problem of half of Americans having
issues with heart disease. That’s not a very good report card for mainstream
medicine! It sounds like a broken record, but poor diets and hectic lifestyles are
what’s behind all that. Covering up the problem with medication to lower blood
pressure numbers or using statins to lower cholesterol numbers is not the
answer. These treatments actually cause more problems in the long term. The
solution to this is to look at the underlying cause of these problems and
address those. We do that every day here at Natural Health, asking patients
bodies what they need to be healthy and helping them change their diet to avoid
the “hand grenades” that cause these degenerative diseases. Diabetes is right
there with it and can be reversed easily if you know how-and we do. It’s really
a shame that with all the technology that we have in big medicine, they can’t
work towards actually getting people healthy but are more concerned about
making money. Shameful!

                I just
realized that this is Holy Week and I hope that you all have a great Easter and
are able to enjoy it with your friends and families. I know that all my
patients that are taking supplements and watching their diets will have no
problem with this covid malarkey but we have fun watching the news and seeing
what craziness they talk about. Our bodies were designed by the creater to be
healthy and it’s fairly easy to do. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark