Sunblock and Vitamin D

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            What a great weekend! I hope you
were able to go outside and enjoy it to activate that vitamin D in the skin.
Many people ask me about the use of suntan lotion and there is quite a bit to
learn about that. We have found that just using coconut oil before going out in
the sun and after coming back from being in the sun helps to keep the skin in
good shape and prevents the burning. Everyone’s skin is a different tone and
some people may need a type of sunblock but find one that is both a UvA and UvB
block. Most are only UvA and people still get a burn. Also to realize that many
of these lotions are full of chemicals and when you are warm, the pores of your
skin are opened more, and they can become toxic. That’s why we like the coconut
oil treatment as there’s no chemicals there. Of course use common sense in the
time you are in the sun and as you build a tan, you can be out longer. Now’s
the time to hopefully build your vitamin D stores that you’ll need this winter.

            The article I’m sending along talks
about vitamin D and the health benefits it has. Please don’t lose the forest
for the trees though and think you can take a lot of artificial vitamin D3 and
that’s all you got to think about. Not only are there many other ways of
helping the immune system to be strong but your digestive system must be
working to digest and absorb the foods that you eat that contain vitamin D. The
body needs many other vitamins and minerals to utilize vitamin D and we really
need them all. That’s the big reason why at Natural Health, we work with whole
food supplements that are basically just food, with all the vitamins and
minerals, known and unknown, that you need to be healthy. We also know that you
can’t eat a dozen doughnuts a day and expect to take a few supplements and be
healthy, it doesn’t work that way.

            With all this virus business going
on and the social unrest, it’s even more important to look at your health with
a holistic point of view. With our work here at Natural Health, we help our
patients get rid of their pre-existing conditions and get them off of medications
that are toxic and do not heal anything, only controlling “blood test numbers”. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark