The Connection Between Ultraprocessed Foods and cardiovascular disease

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I hope that you all had a great weekend and were able to rest up as we head into the 4th of July celebrations.  The weather is getting warmer and are definitely headed towards summer.  It’s a great time of year but there a lot of pollens and dust out there in the air.  We’re helping a lot of people with coughing and sneezing, or allergy symptoms, and in a natural way and staying away from all the medications that just makes the problems worse.  We haven’t had rain for a while so the air doesn’t clean out very well.  It looks like this week we’ll have some chances for rain.  It’s hard to imagine that we’re dry already after all the rain we have this spring but at least the mold problems will go away for now.  And I think it’s gotten too hot for the buffalo gnats too so they’re gone thankfully.

In our health shop this week, we’re continuing with the women’s health theme nut this one actually works for both genders.  We’re talking about Fatigue in our health shop this week and many people are interested in that.  We like to ask patients if they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired?  There are lots of reasons why people have Fatigue and it’s not from a lack of caffeine.  I see people with way too many of these highly caffeinated and highly sugared drinks out there that cause a lot of problems with people’s health.  It may actually help with the fatigue for a short time but at what cost?  We do a lot of work here at Natural Health helping patients with Fatigue that lends them towards depression and anxiety as the body can just not control its energy production.  We help to detox our patients’ bodies and get the chemicals out of there that disrupt energy production and to help them to learn what foods they should be eating to promote more energy.  It really isn’t rocket science but just takes some work.

The article than sending along this week looks at the connection between Ultraprocessed Foods and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.  The manufacturers have really got into processing all kinds of foods and ultra processing some so that they don’t go bad on the shelves.  They don’t go bad  because they’ve removed all the good nutrition from them and their left with processed junk.  And if most of the junk that’s left is refined carbohydrates, these are very irritating to the blood vessels because of the increase in insulin to handle the sugars.  These Ultraprocessed Plant-Based Foods do not have good quality fats and oils in the which is a main source of oil soluable vitamins like vitamins A, vitamin D, and vitamin E.  Vitamin E is especially important for cardiovascular health and you are not getting that in these processed foods.  And taking a high potency synthetic vitamins is not the same as a food source nutrition.  As we specialize in here at Natural Health in food based nutritional products that the body can absorb easily and is actually the rights type of nutrient that works to heal and strengthen the body.  This is compared to the synthetic forms of high potency synthetic vitamins that you find at Retail Stores that basically go through the body and don’t do much good, and can be toxic at high doses.  This is why many MDs talk badly about vitamins because they see people taking so many high potency synthetic vitamins and the trouble it causes.  That’s why at Natural Health, we’re using whole food nutritional supplements that keep patients from having problems with toxicity.  Our nutrition is just food, the food the body’s meant to have to repair itself with. 

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