The Health Benefits of dirt

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

What a great weekend we had.  Just great that we’re having an actual spring this year and not jumping right into the hot weather.  It’s working great for the graduations and graduation parties that people are having, and don’t forget the spring weddings.  It’s just so beautiful outside with everything greened up and the flowers blooming.  It looks like it’s going to warm up in the next few days and I hope that gets rid of the gnats.  Don’t forget that we carry tea tree oil here at Natural Health which is a great product to help with that gnat and mosquito bites.

The article that I’m sending along this week looks at the health benefits of dirt.  That may sound funny but it’s important to realize that our bodies work better if they’re allowed to interact with viruses and bacteria so that it keeps the immune system strong.  Realize, though, that the immune system will get strong if the body has the correct nutrients for the body to do that, but if a person is living on ultra processed foods and soda and the like, the body will not be able to strengthen it correctly.  This is why at Natural Health, were very concerned with detoxing the body so that the nervous system can coordinate the healing efforts, working on getting digestion correct so the body can break down foods into the appropriate nutrients it needs to be healthy, and getting the digestive system to be able to absorb the nutrients once they’re broken down from our good foods.  We also really strive to educate our patients as to why ultra processed, and just plain processed foods, do not give the body what it needs to be healthy.  This is why we have our great products from Standard Process and Mediherb which helps the body to get the nutrients it needs even if the patient is not eating correctly.  We also strive to get people off of medications as soon as possible because medications are not nutrition, they only suppress symptoms and actually work against the body being actually healthy.  These are important distinctions that everyone needs to realize if they want true health and have a great life with vibrant energy.

In our health shops this month, we will be continuing our discussion on women’s health throughout June.  This week’s topic is Osteoporosis.  We have lots of great information on how to prevent osteoporosis and some further clarification on what it actually is.  It is not just a lack of calcium, especially the ground up rock calcium that most MDs prescribe for their patients.  There’s a lot going on that lends towards this condition and at Natural Health, we can help patients understand what it takes to have strong bones, as well as a strong body in general.  We have these health shops live on Monday nights at 6:15 on Facebook and Instagram and will then post the videos to and Youtube. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark