The Truth About Formula

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

Another beautiful weekend but starting to get hot.  I hope all the fathers out there had a great day on Father’s Day.  It looked like we were going to get some rain but it went North of us.  It’s gotten a little dryer around and that’s slowing the grass from growing so much but it’s also drying it up so it doesn’t look as green as it did earlier.  Without as much rain, we’re also getting people complaining about all the pollen and dust floating around.  We use a lot of our product called Antronex to help the body drain the lymphatics through the liver and out which reduces the “allergy” symptoms.  We also have a product called Allergo which helps do the same thing but in a different way.  It really helps the body handle pollen and dust and mold without taking medication that actually makes the condition worse by causing the liver to deal with these chemicals.

In our health shops this month, we’re still working on Women’s Health topics.  This week we’re talking about Varicose Veins, which includes the spidery ones too. There are some very simple ways to help this condition and we’ll be talking about them at the Healthshop. Don’t forget that we have these on Monday nights at 6:15 live on Facebook and Instagram and eventually posting the video to and Youtube. We are really trying to get good health information out to folks so that they know there is an alternative to mainstream medicine, not only in treatment, but in philosophy as well. The human body is meant to be well but you have to work with it, not against it and just cover up symptoms. Covering up the symptom generally makes the underlying condition worse and it shows up as an even worse problem later.

The article I’m sending along looks at the heavy metal toxicity found in some baby formulas. The article goes on to explain that breast feeding is best and always has been. There are also some baby formulas that are okay but still not the best. We know of one from the Weston Price foundation that helps babies thrive but takes some work to get it made. What’s more important than a baby’s first foods? We’ve also found that adjusting babies chiropractically helps with colicky symptoms and digestion. Those little nervous systems are developing and need to be working correctly to help their little bodies thrive. That’s what is great about Activator light force adjusting, we can take care of any age patient, and after surgeries, in a wheelchair, etc.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

– Dr. Mark