This kind of news hits home and makes my blood boil…

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I hope that you enjoyed the weekend as things are warming up. It’s good to see a warming trend as I just returned from Florida, being on a vacation for two weeks. It sure went fast, had lots of activities but didn’t get much rest in. When I left Florida to return to Illinois, the temperature was 64 that morning and when I got to Springfield, it was 9. I’ve had several patients thank me for bringing some warm weather back-ha.

There’s lot’s going on here at Natural Health that I hope you’ll notice when stopping by for visits or nutrition. We are working on getting things cleaned up and more usable. Working on changing our web site to make that easier to navigate. We’re changing the software that we use for scheduling to make that easier for people and having paperwork available online to complete before coming into the office. All kinds of things we’re trying to improve here at Natural Health for patients to have an enjoyable as well as a healthful visit when coming here. We really do appreciate our patients and want to do the best we can for them.

In our health shop this week, we’ll be talking about heart health as it concerns the valves and A-Fib. There are lots of nutritional things we do for our patients who have these conditions. This is one of the big reasons we have our Heart Sound Recorder, which records the sounds of the heart valves and can tell us the strength of the heart muscle and what nutritional needs that person has. It’s important to realize that the heart gets first crack at the nutrition that comes into the bloodstream. If the heart shows nutritional deficiencies when we use our Heart Sound Recorder, then the rest of the body is having problems too.

It’s a very non-invasive but effective way of seeing what’s going on with the heart and cardiovascular system. We also find that the thyroid gland, and its hormone production, is usually involved with people who have A-Fib, or any palpitations or miss rhythms of the heart. Of course, we have nutritional products that we use to help the heart muscle and the thyroid gland work correctly as nature intended. Drugs can sometimes control a symptom, but they do nothing to help strengthen or heal the affected areas.

The article that I’m sending along goes right along with this idea of drugs not helping the underlying cause. It goes into some detail about the opioid epidemic going on in this country, and I don’t think the open southern border has helped that out at all. When I was in Florida, I made several new friends and we had lots of fun talking about things and boating. When I got home, I was informed that one of these friends’ daughter had just overdosed on fentanyl.

This kind of news hits home and makes my blood boil because of the situation we’re in with all the drugs, either legal or illegal, and people not understanding about getting to the cause of the problem to help the body be naturally healthy, rather than just managing symptoms or disease. And yes, medication may be important for the short term or to handle emergency situations, but just living on them forever is absolutely not healthy.

Health is not just being symptom free, but being able to enjoy life with vibrant energy and ability to think correctly with all systems working well. 

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-Dr. Mark