Thoughts and Emotions

Hello Natural Health Family! I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. As the days go on we are still hearing and seeing news about the coronavirus. Today I wanted to talk about how the emotion of fear and not the coronavirus itself may be harming you. 

In terms of health, we forget how powerful our thoughts and emotions can be. As a society we have been told to disregard our feelings and not to express how we feel. Many people find it awkward to express how they feel because it feels uncomfortable to most people. However, when we don’t express how we feel we tend to hold in that emotion in our bodies where it can sit for years. This can cause a lot of stress in our bodies. When we hold in any negative emotions, our bodies stay in a constant fight or flight response. Our fight or flight system is an aid to overcome any immediate threat in our lives. It was useful to help us survive a certain situation. However, as humans we tend to keep thinking of that past because we are emotional people. Events with a strong emotional response keep us holding on to that emotion. It helped us learn how to be better prepared if that event came up later in life. However, if we continue to hold on to that event based on the emotion, we are causing ourselves to be more vulnerable to illness. 

The big emotion that many people have been experiencing lately is fear. Fear is a powerful negative emotion. Many people are fearing how not to get sick, how to pay the bills, the health of loved ones, what the future will be, etc.. If we do not control it, it can cause many people suffering and health issues. Fear puts a great deal of stress on the body. If we let the fear of all what’s going on keep us scared for long periods of time, it can make our bodies weaker and more susceptible to illness.

It may be difficult at first, but to overcome the fear we must practice more positive emotions like hope, gratitude, and love. Like any skill, the more we practice the easier it gets. Find time to spend with loved ones. Think about positive memories and things now that you can be grateful for. Practice finding the good in any situation. Make a challenge or obstacle a learning experience. Changing your perspective to a more positive look will help you continue to see the good in other people, places, and events. 

We can either choose to let fear linger in us like a cold darkness, or we can express love and shine the warming light on ourselves and others. Everyone at Natural Health will do our best to help keep you healthy and happy. Thank you for reading and stay safe.