Tight Muscles? You Need Chiropractic

Did you
realize that tight muscles are one of the first signs of pinched nerves? 
Muscles are controlled by nerves, so if your muscles are staying tight, more
than likely, you have pinched nerves and need Chiropractic adjustments to
remove this nerve impingement. 
Getting a massage, going to the spa, relaxing
with a book, etc. are great practices to help muscles relax but if they just
re-tighten, the nerves that control them are being irritated. 
adjusting helps by removing the cause of the impingement which then helps the
muscle to be able to relax and work in coordination with the other muscles of
the body for normal motion and movement.
 When these muscle groups get out of
coordination, joints suffer as they are not moving correctly. 
A good example is
the knee, where it is meant to move in one plane of motion but if the muscles
that control its motion are tighter on one side than the other, a twist type
motion occurs and irritates the joint causing pain and degeneration. This is one
reason why low back adjustments will help with knee problems.
            It’s also important to realize that
some of the same nerves from the spine go to the organs and glands of the body. 
Again, if these nerves are impinged, then there is a lack of normal function
and coordination with the other organs and glands of the body. 
This leads to
what we call dys-ease or a lack of proper function. When this condition is
allowed to go on for a long time, the body may develop an actual disease or medical
condition of some type.
 Most folks that have a diagnosis of a disease, know
that there was problems going on for months or years before the diagnosis.
These problems are like the red lights on the dashboard of your car telling of
the problem but not really telling what the problem is. Reoccurring tight
muscles are one of these tell-tale signs. Regular Chiropractic adjustments are
essential to being able to handle the stresses of this fast paced society we
live in. The body needs every advantage it can get to heal itself and
coordinate the energy it has to keep itself healthy. The human body is so
amazing in its ability to heal itself, but the barriers must be removed.
Schedule your Chiropractic adjustment today and return to health!