What A Year and Sugar

 6 Days Till Christmas! (Or whenever you see this message) Hi Natural Health Family. We are winding down to the end of the year. I imagine everyone is doing well and ready for the times ahead. It seems like there has been many changes throughout the year and I’m sure it won’t stop next year. Now, this month we are talking about sugar since it can be present during a lot of our end of the year festivities.. With that being said, I want to explore another way we can look at sugar.

    When talking about sugar we can talk about a wide range of topics. Let’s first start off on the aspect that as a society we have lost many of our traditional ways to make food. This could be for various reasons such as convenience and marketing schemes that direct us to buy certain products. When we transitioned from eating whole foods that were prepared by hand and a lot of care was put into it to machine manufactured made to preserve shelf life kind of foods we changed many ways of how we obtain eat our food. Many of the ways to preserve food make it not taste very well so added sugar is put into it. This is not good or bad but we can be aware that this was done so that we would actually buy the food and it taste good enough to eat. Much of this changed the way we eat and even our tastes for foods. We went from make the food and eating on table with others to fast, convenient, and more than likely preoccupied with something else. Imagine the whole process of eating. Our bodies senses including our sight, smell, and taste were influence by the whole process which helped our bodies digest food in a good way. Of course, our bodies are adaptable but this fast change could influence the functioning of our bodies and how we handle this process. 

    Sugar is not good or bad. However, anything in large quantities over a long time, can have negative effects. So this holiday season if we indulge in certain foods we can choose to slow down, not judge the food but bless it, appreciate it, and enjoy it. More importantly giving thanks to those who brought it or made it as well. The holidays can be a joyful experience of food, drinks, gifts, etc. but we know the key to it all is the ability and opportunity to spend the holidays with the ones we love.

Thank you all for being with us throughout the year!

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Chip