What About Artificial Sweeteners?

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     I hope that you had a great 4th of July  and enjoyed the fireworks. What beautiful weather for this weekend. I don’t remember too many fourth of July’s being this nice. Usually it’s very hot but it was great this year. As it starts to get warmer, don’t forget to stay hydrated and use sea salt and lemon juice to keep the electrolyte levels in your body in good shape. Especially if you notice leg cramps or being very tired, you are low on salt. I hope we will keep the nicer temperatures for a while but I’m sure it will get hot eventually.

     The article that I’m including looks at problems with artificial sweeteners. We have been led to believe that they help with weight and are just as safe as regular sugar but that is just not true. We find that in the office here, folks that have used artificial sweeteners will have more problems with weight and other health issues as well. It’s important to realize that these are chemicals that the body is not used to and has to deal with. It has enough to do with just the other Environmental chemicals so we don’t need to add this one to the mix. This brings us to another point that manufacturers are selling a product and they don’t always particularly care about how healthy you are. Our governmental Regulatory Agencies seem incapable of not being corrupted by big business so we have to look out for ourselves. This is so important on many levels and at  Natural Health, we strive to educate our patients and help them find the informational tools that they need to make informed decisions on their own. It’s important to understand how things work in the body so that we can make informed decisions, not just go by what the white coat says. Independence Day it’s an important time to reflect on that, not only in the history of America but on other levels as well.

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