What About Salt?

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope that you’re enjoying the
heat, we had plenty of it this weekend. This ties into our health shop topic
for Monday evening on the Importance of Sea Salt. I have a lot of fun with
patients when I talk to them about salt because they invariably argue with me
that they’ve been told for decades not to eat salt because of blood pressure
issues. Well the truth is that this may be somewhat true for processed and
refined white salt but we need mineral salt or sea salt for good health, good
kidney functions, and the ability to sweat and control our body temperature.
Good quality sea salt or mineral salt also helps with your body’s pH and this
keeps the bugs under control as well. Unfortunately, the medics make no
distinction between processed salt and sea salt and do not look at the positive
effects, only the negative and fearful aspects. At Natural Health, we try to
give our patients the truth about foods and look at the best ways to keep them

            The article that I’m sending along
today looks at the failure of a viral drug to work and at the major side
effects it causes. I know that I have talked about it a lot in the past but
when are people going to learn that drugs don’t heal anything, the only force
the body’s reaction in this is always going to cause side effects? Plus you’re
still not getting at the underlying cause of the problem, even if a symptom is
better. And the expense of this drug is incredible. The article is interesting
too in that it shows the back door political and monetary connections that go
on all the time in this big Pharma world we live in. At Natural Health, we are
trying as much is possible to educate patients and others about the need to
keep their immune system strengthened and then they don’t have to worry about
the bugs. There are so many good ways to strengthen the immune system and help
your body to be healthy but this doesn’t make Big Pharma any money so you don’t
see it on mainstream media. We will keep trying to get this information out to
more and more people and would appreciate your help in doing so. With this
virus business going on, it has become a matter of life or death, of hope or

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