What Beautiful Fall Color!


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that everyone had a great weekend despite the cold weather. We did some
traveling to the south and enjoyed the colorful trees even though some of them
had already dropped their leaves. It’s nice to travel but always nice to get
home. It seemed to me that most folks are getting over the covid  stuff and even saying “Hi” to others again.
We even had a guy talk to us in the elevator which we haven’t seen for quite
some time. I think most folks are over it but still a few holdouts. Of course,
our thought is to just be healthy and have a strong immune system and you don’t
have to worry about it.

the month of November, we are talking about getting ready for winter and on
this week’s health shop, we are talking about fall allergies. We’ve had several
patients come into our office with these fall allergies but worry they have a
viral infection. In our world it doesn’t matter, we just ask the body what nutritional
needs it has and how we can help it. The body’s innate immune system is much
smarter than the people in the white coats, and it knows how to heal the body,
all you have to do is get out of the way and eat correctly.

article that I’m including this week looks at the problems with the mainstream
statistics that are driving this fear-demic. I hope that more and more people
are waking up to how our news has been taken over by the narratives and that
the government institutions that were supposed to be protecting us are actually
working for Big Pharma now. Healthcare has become something to make big money
with and our general health in this country is suffering. The system needs to
be reworked from that of disease management to actually health care and
prevention. One thing that this virus deal has shown is the bad actors in our
system. At Natural Health, we are focusing on getting people well and healthy
and not worrying about treatment after the problem is already there. We have
help for that too but would rather see people healthy and enjoying life rather
than worrying about sicknesses and disease. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

Dr. Mark