What causes Kidney Stones?

What causes Kidney
stones are normally very painful so folks that have had them, want to never
have them again.
 Kidney stones are symptom of an underlying issue and can have
many causes. In the natural healing world, we feel that anything can cause
anything so the cause must be looked at very individually. 
The kidney stone
itself is a uric acid deposit, coming from improper protein metabolism and
drainage issues in the kidney. A simple cause of kidney stones can be
dehydration, lack of drinking good quality water and getting mineral or sea
salt to help the kidneys work correctly. 
Incomplete digestion of proteins or
mal-absorption of nutrients necessary for complete digestion of proteins
indicates a digestive or intestinal problem. Toxic liver and an overloaded
lymphatic system can also trigger kidney stones as this over works the kidneys. 
Subluxation of the mid thoracic vertebra with reduction of nerve flow to the
kidneys reducing correct kidney function can also lead to kidney stones. Even
taking too much calcium, in the form of calcium carbonate, can lead to kidney
 A common cause lately has been the switch to a ketogenic diet, which is
normally a good thing, but when the person’s kidneys and liver are already
overloaded and toxic, can lead to kidney stones, turning them away from this
good diet.
 So there are many causes to this symptom and a good clinician will
find the individual cause or causes for that person.
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