What is epigentics?

Time for another exciting post! Today I will discuss what has been on my mind for a while now. I have been thinking about the many ideas we have been told in the past of how our bodies function and our health. There are many things that we have been led to believe that has made us become victims of our lives. We were told that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. We were told that our brains don’t change and that they are permanent when we grow up. We were told our genes dictate our health and that eventually we will have the same issues as our relatives. This information was what researchers and scientists knew at the time and what they believed in the past. However, new science and research is showing those old beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Have you ever heard of the word “epigenetics” ? We all have heard of genetics but epigenetics is showing more of why we are more in control of our health destiny than we think. In the word epigenetics, “epi” means above. This term means above genetics. Epigenetics is how the environment stimulates the genes to produce the proteins needed for our body to function. So, if we are able to control the stimulus of the genes – Thoughts, Traumas, Toxins – then we can control the future of our health. Yes there are some rare genetic dis-eases, however, 99% of all dis-eases in the world are chronic and not genetic. 

Another important word to learn about is the term “neuroplasticity.” Neuro meaning nervous system and plasticity meaning plastic. It means that the brain is plastic and can reshape and rewire itself based on the stimulus it is receiving from the environment. This term defies the old belief that the brain doesn’t change and shows that old dogs CAN learn new tricks. In health matters, this means that the brain can make new neural connections to help adapt to the environment stress. 

This gives us a better understanding of how the body heals and functions. The nervous system controls and coordinates all other organs, tissues and cells of the body. The brain sending the correct signal to the cells can help the genes produce healthier proteins. Chiropractic not only allows for proper nerve flow but influences the brain to increase the body’s adaptability to handle stress. So if 99% of all disease is chronic and stress causes all chronic illness then wouldn’t be important to keep your adaptability at its best? How are you adapting today? Thanks for reading.