What Is Leaky Gut?

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ate a bunch of chocolate Easter eggs and other junk, probably aren’t You’ve got
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health shop that we had this week was looking at Leaky Gut. Almost everyone
that comes into the office with any type of allergy symptom or skin problems or
whatever, has Leaky Gut. This condition is caused by the unhealthy foods and
chemicals and toxins damaging the gut lining which allows for micro holes,
which then allows proteins from foods to get into the lymphatics and the body
fights this is an allergy-allergen response. We use special nutrition to help
clean up this problem and then manage the diet so that the gut has a chance to
heal and start absorbing the nutrients a person needs to repair themselves and
strengthen. It’s amazing how good our results are just by cleaning up the diet,
once we find which food allergies a person has, and then getting their bodies
to just absorb the nutrients from their diet. When we add nutritional
supplements, it supercharges this process and patients respond very quickly and
many of the symptoms that they are presenting with, go away. At Natural Health,
were always looking at the underlying cause of problems and not covering them
up or treating them with medications.

article that I’m including this week looks at the deficiency of B vitamins
causing problems with cognitive thinking and psychoses. B vitamins are
water-soluble and are used up in the body quickly, especially in those who eat
a lot of refined carbohydrates. I was listening to a podcast this morning and it
talked about the intoxication of Americans on many different sources, and sugar
and carbohydrates were one of them. We know that sugar is very habit-forming,
many times more than even drugs like cocaine. In our program at the office, we
educate patients on how this happens and how to break the habit of all these
refined carbohydrates. Our society is so built on these things and at one time
they were meant to be a special treat but since most Americans have plenty of
money, they buy this stuff all the time and think it’s healthy, or at least they
think it doesn’t affect their health. Mainstream medicine has not helped this
problem at all, basically teaching people to eat carbs and not making any
difference between refined carbs and those found in natural foods. There is a
Huge difference.

Natural Health, we are constantly educating our patients on these differences
and helping them understand simple dietary guidelines that help them to be
healthy and live well. Our bodies were meant to heal themselves from almost any
disease process but we must realize that healing can take time and is not the
wave of a magic wand. Many folks that come into the office have had problems
for decades, and may be on many medications that also cause problems-i.e. side
effects. Our goals to get to the underlying cause of the issue and then remove
the need for the medication so that these chemical agents can be stopped. 

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