What is normal Blood Pressure?

What is normal Blood
            For all the years of my professional
career, the normal blood pressure number that we’ve known about is 120/80. To
be clear, this number was meant to be the average of the population. This means
that some people’s normal blood pressure could be 150/90, and some people’s
normal blood pressure could be 100/60. The thing to remember about blood
pressure is that it is meant to be taken in a resting state. This means that
you can’t rush into your doctor’s office after waiting for 2 hours in the
waiting room, and being upset, have your blood pressure taken and it’s higher
than 120/80, and then being told you have high blood pressure. A person needs
to be in a resting position for at least 10 minutes without any stimulating
stressors on the body, like coffee or caffeinated drinks or watching the news,
and then have the blood pressure taken in both arms and see what the number is.
Then do the same thing over the course of a period of time an average out the
number to get to your real resting blood pressure. This will give you your
average to watch over time and would be a better predictor of your
cardiovascular condition than just one blood pressure reading from somewhere.
            It’s important to realize that blood
pressure goes up, on purpose by the body, with motion, stress and any other
aggravation, and taking your blood pressure in this state is not the resting
blood pressure number that is needed to diagnose hypertension. In the natural
health world, there are many ways to lower blood pressure without resorting to
medication and their side effects. Watching the diet, checking kidney function,
and being hydrated are some simple examples of what actually causes high blood
pressure. A person needs to find the cause if they have hypertension and not
just cover up this symptom of cardiovascular system stress. It’s important to
find your normal blood pressure.