What Type of Food Is Best?

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     Another great Spring weekend. Hopefully you got outside and were able to get  in the sunshine-get that vitamin D activated! It’s still a little cool but when the wind is not blowing, the sun is very powerful and hot. It will soon be great weather to be in shorts and sandals. We start using a lot of coconut oil on those

suntanned areas  for skin protection and healing. It’s simple and cheap and allows for the absorption of the good sun rays. 

     I’ve included a great article today on the topic of which is better, a plant-based or meat-based diet.  At Natural Health, we just want people to eat good food and not worry about one or the other. Of course , they’re trying to politicize this choice now but Humanity has always eaten both plants and meat products, especially when you couldn’t find or get one or the other. Any food is good during a famine. It’s still April and we’re still talking about allergies and Sun health. eating good foods that are not processed, helps to keep inflammation low in the body so that a person doesn’t have “allergies”, whatever they get into. In mainstream medicine, we are told that we get these allergies and that’s just the way it is, you just have to take steroids or some medication to cover up the symptoms. At Natural Health, we figure out the underlying cause and help the body to become healthy so that you don’t have to deal with these problems. Just doing a good job of detox and getting away from all processed “foods” usually helps patients not have “allergies”.  Human bodies have always had good foods in the past thousands of years and still need them now, not all this processed junk and sugar and bad oils. It’s really fairly simple but just hard to understand in our society with all the junk we’re exposed to.

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