Where’s Your Focus

 Hello again Natural Health Family. Hope the wind blew you towards where you wanted to go. The past weekend I attended a motorcycle class to learn the basics, work towards getting licensed, and have some fun. I learned a great amount (especially that i needed the practice) and realized how that certain knowledge carried over to everyday practical use. One key that I picked up was how much your focus influences where you are going. Let’s discuss our focus and why it is important for our own health. 

During the motorcycle class we learned that our gaze and what we are looking at greatly impacts how the bike rides. This lesson was very helpful for any turns that we had to make, whether it was from a stopped position or if we were driving through a long curve. Many times, when riding, many of us would look right in front of us to see where we are going. This is ok at the beginning to know what is right in front of you. However, we soon learned that where you look your bike will go. So we had to train ourselves to look further ahead, turn our gaze to where we wanted to go, and trust ourselves on the bike as it would move towards the direction we wanted to go. 

So how can we use this information practically for ourselves? Many times we can find ourselves focusing on problems or obstacles that are on our path. This is fine at the beginning because we need to be able to know that they are there. However, if we fix our gaze or focus on it then, just like riding a motorcycle, it is where we are going to head to. So if we continually are focused on the problem then we can’t look up for the solution. There may be things that we need to fix now and then. Nevertheless, when we are able to see down the road to where we are wanting to go we allow ourselves to move much better to our desired destination. 

Our focus is important not only on the road but off the road as well. When we are continually focused on what’s wrong it is difficult to see what is good. The path may have some challenges and curves that may cause fear but when we keep our heads up we are able to see further and the light ahead. I encourage you to look for the good and know that all you have traveled thus far prepared you for what is now.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Chip