Why is Exercise a Struggle?

Hey! How’s your Monday going? For me, everything is Super Duperly Amazing! Let me tell you why I say that in a highly optimistic way if you couldn’t feel that though these texts. Growing up I played any sport that I could during the waking day. Having 3 other brothers around the same age playing sports as well, we got a lot of exercise. We would get exercise playing these sports and because we have such a competitive society, we had to workout to be better at those sports. Everyday we trained ourselves to become the best we could be. Pretty amazing looking back upon it. 

There were times that it was a struggle going to practice or exercising, but the majority of the time it came natural. It was second nature.  It was a part of who I was. Well all of that training paid off working out in grade school and high school to receive a scholarship to play football in college. Which just means 5 more years of intense exercise ha. After college I got an amazing job as a Sales Representative that allowed me to serve 100s of healthcare practitioners in Northern Illinois and the Southern suburbs of Chicago. The day to day workflow for a sales rep is sitting in a car for 8-9 hours of the day driving 300+ miles. In my car I didn’t have a weight room, a football field or anywhere to stretch. It felt like I was going 100 mph playing collegiate football to going 0 mph sitting in a car. That sometimes got to 100 mph (don’t tell my mom and dad) 😉 . 

Anyways, during the time in my car most of the day it was a struggle working out in the morning or when I got home from work. Why is that? What changed? Are you ready for the answer? The answer was ME. The only thing that changed was my mindset about working out. And if it is a struggle for you, it’s you that you need to focus upon.  Many don’t like hearing that, but it’s true. Let me tell you why.

The brain works directly with the mind. If I tell myself the excuses, “Oh my back hurts” “I’m tired” “I’ll do it tomorrow” My brain has wired itself in ways that will make it seem that exercising a struggle! This science is called Neuroplasticity. Neuro meaning Nerves that are in the brain and Plastic meaning easily shaped or molded. Your brain is always wiring and rewiring itself depending on who you are being and what you are thinking. When I was playing football and working out, my brain was wired in a way that exercise was easy and was a part of my life. When I was done playing football and driving all day. Those connections in my brain were loosening up and my brain was rewiring itself to fit the lifestyle of someone that doesn’t workout that makes excuses on the daily. Which made it “harder” for me to exercise. 

So it was always me. Not to blame or guilt myself into depression, but to learn from. To learn and understand that if I want anything in my life or if I was to be healthier, it all comes down to me. Now, I am proud to say that I am back into stretching and walking almost daily. My brain is wired back up to exercise being second nature. It’s not a struggle anymore. Does that make sense?

Take inventory to all areas of your life. If some areas are not how you want them, you will need to be the change if you want those areas to be better. No one else. When you start making a decision to change your life, stick with it. The beginning is always the “hardest”. I see it as a learning process that when you achieve success in one area of your life, you can achieve anything in any other area. Keep working towards it, your brain will be wiring up to the life you want and it will become natural. Just like how you know how to write your name down. As a kid, it was tough, now it’s not a struggle. Just like how you will feel when you achieve your goal of exercising. 

If you want some coaching along the way, I’m here for you with my new Life Coaching Program. 

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