Why We Play

 Welcome back Natural Health Family! Hope you all had a great weekend and played in the rain or enjoyed watching it from inside. I found myself playing a whiffle ball tournament over the weekend for a great charity event. I also found out that I could have warmed up a bit better, to say I was a little sore the next day would be an understatement haha. However, I remembered that although it is always fun to play with great people a great question to ask is why I played at all? 

Have you ever done something new before because you wanted to have a new experience just for the fun of it? Or maybe you practiced a certain task because you knew eventually you could be better and enjoy even more later on. Many of the greatest athletes we know didn’t play the game to gain more fame, riches, etc. They played the game because they fell in love with it. Their why to play became more of allowing the process to unfold rather than to get to the next level. They started to realize that they could enjoy the steps that it took to get to every next phase because they knew they would eventually get there. Sometimes we can get caught up in the have tos and need tos. We can fall into the attitude of why do I have to go through all of this or that. The athletes mentioned before most likely had similar thoughts. They probably had great coaches that pushed them along the way. However, we can also be our own coach to help us shift our attitude from have to and think about what I get to. It might not be a professional championship game with all the great athletes but it could be a charity event that helps to support a cause greater than what a person is playing. 

We all have to do some things that we may not necessarily want to do at the moment. However, small shifts can help redirect our attitude towards a greater goal. Rather than thinking what can I get to what can I give in any particular situation can help us enjoy the process and think not less of ourselves but think of ourselves less.

Have a great week!  

Dr. Chip